Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cappy's Adventures in Mexico

Took a quick trip south of the border yesterday.  Went from Phoenix, Arizona down to Puerto Penasco, Mexico.  Lot's of cacti and old people from Wisconsin dancing with trailers!

Remember kids, leave "Enjoying the Decline" to the professionals!

A Kind Review of "Curse of the High IQ"

Many thanks!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Episode #133 of the Clarey Podcast FROM MEXICO!!!

Cappy podcasts from Mexico!
Mexicans need to up their game..and speed limits
Concrete-block wielding meth heads
Cappy simplifies the 2016 presidential campaign


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!

For English Teachers, Grammar Nazis, and Typo Twats Everywhere

Please sit down and take this humble note from the master:

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Cappy's Adventures in Sedona, Jerome, and Prescott!

And this girl FORCED herself into my bed at the end of the night!

Monday, February 08, 2016

Today's High IQ Girl Eye Candy is Cindy

Alright boys, pay attention.

Cindy was very kind to volunteer to take this pic to help the Ole Captain out and to give you yahoos something prettier to look at than charts.  Kind of like a WWII pinup girl/Rita Hayworth helping the soldiers out on the battlefield against socialism and SJW's.

Anyway, if you'd be so kind to help her out if you have a need for a model to model...well...anything, young Cindy would appreciate it very much.

Oh yeah, and there's a book or something in the picture there too.

Phoenix Cigar Meetup

Churchill's Cigar's in Tempe.
Tuesday the 9th.
Be there and be square.

"Free Shit" Beats " Vagina"

Unfortunately Hilary's "I Have a Vagina Campaign" doesn't seem to beat Uncle Bernie's "Don't worry sweetheart.  I'll take care of you baby" campaign.

I'll say it again, women are genetically programmed to vote in a larger state.  Vagina or not.

Sucky Saudi Economics

With no interest in the presidential election nor Super Bowl, and a growing disinterest in trying to drag the rest of society along into some kind of enlightenment that may not make the future so sucky as it is guaranteed to be, I found myself bored and decided to investigate why Saudi Arabia's credit rating had been cut.  Yes, I knew it had something to do with collapsing oil prices, but I wanted to see how severe the ramifications was for Saudi finances.

And mercy, is it!

First we have economic growth.  This is NOT GDP, though the graph will look that way.  It is YEAR OVER YEAR economic growth, ie- GDP growth.  In 2011 and 2012 Saudi Arabia's economy was booming, logging a near one third growth rate for both years.  Not 1/3%.  33%.  Growth collapsed quickly in 2013 and 2014, entering a NEGATIVE 13% GDP for 2015.  Of course, Western nations aren't accustomed to such volatility in their growth rates, but it still doesn't change the fact 2015 was a devastating year for Saudi Arabia.

Since the Saudi government is so dependent upon oil prices, it behooves the question what happened to government revenues and finances.  It's hilarious.

In one year the Saudi deficit crashed to more than 13% GDP, worse than even Barack Obama's worst year.

There really is no economic lesson here aside from the importance of diversifying your economy.  But it does make me feel good to see a financial source terrorism either directly or indirectly relies upon drying up.

You may continue about your Monday with these additional warm fuzzies.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

New Blog - Adam Piggott

Pushing Rubber Downhill - The Blog.

A Nerd's Ode to the Super Bowl

An excerpt from "Curse of the High IQ"

But before one perceives the above to be largely a female-dominated phenomenon, think again.  Because there can be nothing more average, more mindless, more meaningless than sports. 

While Madonna is convincing 60 year old women they’re still hot, 80% of the American men are glued to a TV set at a bar watching one large group of guys try to get a ball past another large group of guys in the all-so-important hopes of getting it past “the line.”

Does world peace ensue if the ball gets past “the line?”

Do we end world hunger if the ball gets past “the line?”

Do we solve the mysteries of the universe, cure cancer, achieve immortality, or find out the meaning of life if the ball gets past “the line?”

But that group of large guys with the blue and white jerseys got the ball past the line more than the group of large guys with the red and orange jerseys and that’s worth spending at least 5% of our GDP on.

The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with watching sports or enjoying a good game.  But if it were only that.  Sadly, millions of men (and women) pin their happiness and hopes, their actual mental state of mind, even their identity on whether or not “their” team wins.  Severely average men spend hours sitting at Applebee’s, eating wings, wearing some other man’s jersey, chugging away light beers as they set up fantasy sportsball teams based on real athletes who don’t even know (or care) that they exist.  And while we mock the billions of women wasting their lives watching day time soap operas, vicariously living a fake life while pissing away theirs, there’s just as many men wasting their lives watching pre-game shows, post-game shows, pre-pre-post-game shows, and calling into sports talk radio shows to Monday morning quarter-back men who are multi-million dollar professionals.

But the real tragedy is that despite TRILLIONS of human hours dedicated to these things, be it sports, celebrity gossip, or the slop served on TV, not one intelligent thing was ever said, nor one significant advancement ever made.  It is a sad waste of human life that abnormally intelligent people just can’t understand and, frankly, don’t care to.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Cappy's "Apache Trail" Adventure!

Some pictures from the Apache Trail.  And for those of you who will ask, yes, I did the whole loop.  Not just to "Tortilla Flats and back."

Of course, remember, I am NOT a real MGTOW.  So don't try this at home!

Friday, February 05, 2016

Essay #2 Do Western Women Deserve Western Men?

By Unsweettea

The heroics of the “greatest generation” are well documented and used as a standard of what men should aspire. The question we face now is do women deserve men like Ronald Spiers and the other brave men of Easy Company? Women can rationalize all the want, but the honest and simple answer is no. The majority of women today would likely not even appreciate a man like Ronald Spiers. They would look at him and probably call him a misogynist while being confused as to why this misogynist just caused them to soak through their panties. Hell, even in Mr. Spiers’ time, women were self-indulgent; some women happily cheated on their husbands or left them while they were deployed overseas. As we know, this still happens today.

I do not believe men should sacrifice their lifestyles, games, hobbies, or gym memberships for for women. These things help define men. They help recharge men’s bodies and souls when work or life gets particularly difficult. Men should determine what aspects of their life and hobbies are non-negotiable. If a woman they are courting cannot respect that, plate or next her, but definitely don’t reward bad behavior by marrying her. Women should respect men if only on this one thing. If a woman respects you enough to give you space to recharge yourself by doing “manly” things, she may very well be a keeper. Respect is a trait sorely lacking in women. This probably has to do with the indoctrination that women are somehow better than men and men’s needs are somehow less important.

This begs the question, why are women so threatened by men’s hobbies, gym memberships, games, etc.? How does it hurt them? Easy. It’s because they are not the center of attention. Most women today are nothing more than emotionally stunted, overgrown children. When men do their thing either alone or with other men, his attention is on his buddies or the task at hand, not on his woman. As irrational it is, women feel threatened when they are not the center of attention. That weekly poker game with the guys is just as threatening as the hot bartender showing major cleavage while serving drinks. What ends up happening? She manipulates the situation or throws a tantrum. Just like a child, any attention is better than no attention.

Let’s circle back to respect and other traits. Men are expected to be stoic, honorable, hardworking and loyal. What are women expected to bring to the table? Maybe be pleasant for short periods of time and occasionally put out? That’s a pretty lopsided deal. Men should be under no obligation to give women their best when women do not offer the same in return. Women should contribute the same as men. If she expects a man to be honorable and loyal, she must offer him the same. If she cannot be a contributor to a man’s life just as much he is for her life, she is not worth it.

A stay-at-home is not being respectful or loyal to her husband when she allows him to come home from a long day at work to a dirty house. She is not being respectful when she makes him swing by McDonalds to pick up dinner for himself and the family because she just didn’t have time to make dinner. She didn’t have time last night either, the night before that, and the night before that one, too. Those pesky daytime talk shows and Facebook got in the way, but she will never admit that. She does not respect that he works 50 – 60 hours between two part time jobs to provide for the family. His days off are filled with errands and honey-do items because if he doesn’t’ do the laundry, it will never get done. She does not honor or respect him in the least to let him have time for himself or with his friends, to let him recharge himself before he starts another week of long shifts. But she believes she is not in the wrong; she is too self-entitled and knows he is trapped. If he leaves her, he will end up with nothing because of divorce rape. The sight of such a beaten man is sad indeed.

It’s from real life examples like the above that I understand why men plate women or decide to go MGTOW. I don’t believe all hope is lost. It may take either a catastrophic event or many generations to turn this around. There is a small and slowly growing pocket of women who realize the stuff they have been taught about their superiority are all wrong. They are learning the old ways of traditional gender roles in relationships. In having these kinds of relationships, they are having fulfillment they never had previously. They honor their men, subscribe to the “keep his balls empty and his stomach full” philosophy, and quell their inner hamsters without relying too much on him. They give their men space to be men and nurture it.

Until the tides change and more women actually understand what it means to be women rather than harpies, Western men should only defend Western civilization for themselves, for their fellow man, to preserve their way of life. Going back to “Band of Brothers,” when you watch the first episodes, the men initially enlist to protect the American way of life and to ensure the war doesn’t spread across the Atlantic. After being hardened by several hard fought battles, their intentions change. They still have a patriotic sense of duty to fight, but more importantly, they find themselves fighting for each other, for the brotherhood.

Men should stop protecting and saving women. We don’t deserve it and we will never learn if we don’t have to pay consequences for our piss-poor decisions. Protect yourselves and each other.

Do Western Women Deserve the Protection of Western Men - Essay #4

From Jessica:

The women who betrayed the West certainly don't deserve to be protected by
it, but Western Civilization itself does deserve to be saved.  We cannot
just abandon it.  However, the only way to do that is likely by simply
riding out the storm.  The nations of Europe are ripe for civil wars, and
only time will tell if America follows, or if the global economy collapses
and it's every man for himself.  Pick your worst case scenario.
As food and energy grows scarcer or runs out, and the bullets start
flying, how much power do you think the Social Justice “Warriors” will
have?  Academia?  All the other annoying leftists more concerned about
their feeeeelings than anything else?  Social media mobs and hashtag
activism won't save them when harsh realities are shattering their rosy
little illusions.  Who will listen to them if they cannot protect or
provide for themselves?  Only men who are strong enough to fight and wise
enough to lead will be able to get what's left of society back into some
degree of order, only they will have any kind of power that actually

And the women will be stuck in the middle of this clash.  The government
will not be there to provide them with first world security, or extra
goodies.  Are they going to suddenly toughen up and get a grip on reality
during the most cataclysmic point in their lives?  Nah.  They will look to
anyone getting control of the situation and restoring whatever amount of
order is possible.  If the women want to be protected by the smart people
who know what they are doing, they will have to follow the new rules.  The
old ways of political correctness will be stripped away.  After all,
progressivism is all about the easy and convenient path.  There is no easy
and convenient path when civilization is collapsing around you.  I suppose
one could keep railing on about all the progressive buzzwords (or that
Shakespeare was a racist, just because), but no one will care and everyone
will tell the moron to scram.  Not the best way to stay alive.

The point being that you men may determine to “Enjoy the Decline,” and not
care what happens, but consider that there may come a time during the
decline that will be a very strategic moment to step in, lead, and change
society for the better.  Or even save Western Civilization.  Are you
willing to keep an eye out for that opportunity?  Or does the West really
matter that little to you?
I suspect it still matters to you, the time just isn't right yet, not for
everyone anyway.
But it is coming.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Episode #132 of The Clarey Podcast!

Why bachelors shouldn't need refrigerators
There's only Waffle Houses in Florida
Cappy's grocery store
Sushi logistics
The pitbull who forgot Cappy
Ybor City and crotch rockets don't mix
Old men shouldn't go to nightclubs
Fan mail
College students develop a $20,000 house...and still feel guilty about the poor.


On THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!

Political News Coverage is Just Plain Insulting

My now-approaching 12 years of not watching political news came to an end yesterday as I brought the bike into the mechanics to have them give it the once over before I continued on my cross-country trip.  The mechanic informed me there was a waiting room where they had comfy couches, internet, coffee, and TV.  As I grabbed my gear, looking forward to park my rear for a while, I was let down to see they had CNN on. 

It didn't matter, I had brought my laptop in anticipation of having some down time.  But I still could not help but watch the 60 inch TV that was sitting directly in front of my face, and it was one word;


Perhaps I've been inoculated against political news coverage. 
Perhaps I've just gotten older and, thus, wiser and can ID BS when I see it.
Or maybe my most recent book made me even more disdainful of what the commoners consume.

But as I watched Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer cover the recent kerfuffle between Trump and Cruz, Hillary and Bernie, not to mention their representative mouth pieces, my mouth dropped not because of what they were saying, but because all of them:

The politicians
The spokespersons
The interviewees and
The CNN staff

treat you people like genuine f*cking idiots.

First the drama (and I use that euphemistically) between Trump and Cruz was soap-opera worthy.  Cruz stood accused of telling people during the Iowa caucus that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race, thus begetting more votes for him.  Cruz accused Trump of being childish and acting like his daughters.  They covered this cumulatively for about 15 minutes of my precious life I'll never get back.

Second, there was also drama on the democrat side.  Here the big to-do was Bernie Sanders accusing Hilary of not being "progressive enough."  Never mind it isn't a real word.  Never mind she'll do whatever the population wants her to.  Never mind post-Obama anything more to the left will be 100% socialism.  No, Bernie insisted he was more progressive.  And that was newsworthy enough for Blitz and Coopy to waste 15 additional minutes of my life. 

Then there were the politicians.  News clips of them talking to their respective bases, but by god, the idiotic things they were saying.  It was worse than any presidential speech (which is what originally made me swear off of political news).  Generic pablum that is made for people with low IQ's who are the epitome of those who'd rather hear what they want to hear over the truth any day.  Mindless sycophants, with nothing better to do in their lives than take up political crusades, hinging on every word of their politician (who all magically utter thousands of words, but still managing to say nothing).

And then the spokes people.  Hilary's spokesperson I wanted to beat.  A pretty boy-Floyd from the east coast who did not answer ONE question directly, but always managed to turn his answer into a scripted, puke-inducing, ass-kissing ad for Hilary.  A congressman came on for Ted Cruz, and during the interview was the only person who was honest and not rushing to plant his ass on some politician's behind.  But this was a fleeting moment of genuine political insight as he was quickly replaced by spokespeople for Cruz, Christie, and Sanders.

In the end 90 minutes of my life was wasted, and I was further validated to have abandoned paying attention to politics for these past decade-plus worth of years.

But as mentioned before, the one thing I could not believe was just how degrading and insulting this entire experience was.  It was BARELY better than the fake speeches and drama I watched as an 8 year old watching the WWF.  But whereas I could be forgiven at the time for believing Macho Man Randy Savage truly had it out for Hulk Hogan (because I was 8), somebody tell me the excuse millions of full-grown adults have for watching this spectacle of BS.

Not one of these politicians said anything insightful or meaningful.  The media (CNN) should be ashamed of itself for instigating, drumming up, and concocting a really lame afternoon political drama that, like all soap operas, proved nothing and only managed to waste billions of human hours.  And the spokesmen.  Oh, the spokesmen.  How do you have no soul and just stand there and lie?  How?  Doesn't your stomach churn when you have to pull down into the deep recesses of your mind and pull up the slop you think it going to convince the average voter idiot your candidate isn't the scum-bucket life-long career politician she/he is?

Of course, like Amy Schumer stand up or a Will Ferrell comedy, this wouldn't sell if there wasn't demand for it.  And so the real culprit is not the politicians, the media, or the spokespeople.  It's the average American idiot who is so stupid, so ignorant, they don't realize how insulting and degrading this political news coverage is to them.  And so once again, I have to let go, not bother watching this slop, wait for it to get above 60 degrees here in Phoenix, hop on the motorcycle, and enjoy that decline!


Here it is!  Sorry for the delay!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

NDSU's Theater Program is Bunk

Everything wrong with academia and further proof the liberal arts is merely a make-work program to hire worthless hacks:

Why Corporations are Seemingly Leftist

Medtronic was (emphasis on "was") a Minneapolis-based company until it decided it would move to Ireland under a "tax inversion" that would lower its corporate tax rate from 35% to 5%.  With the savings they had repurchased $5 billion in shares giving shareholders $5 billion in value that would have otherwise been given to parasites via government programs had it been taxed.  Abbott Labs did something similar.  And Halliburton also moved it's corporate headquarters to Dubai.

These are moves we expect from corporations because it makes sense.  It lowers their expenses and increases profits.

But then there are companies, especially those in from Silicon Valley, who do not seem to be the quintessential "right wing, pro-capitalist" corporations.  Instead they're actually quite leftist not only taking leftist positions, but donating monies to the democrat party.  Naturally lobbying the socialist party of the US is nothing new, but this goes beyond that with companies and their executives taking outright politically left-stands when it would only serve to increase their corporate taxes.

Apple's CEO telling people Apple doesn't want global warming deniers' money (fine by me).
Mozilla's firing of Brendan Eich for making a anti-gay marriage political donation several years ago.
Don't get me started about all the Fortune 500 companies that brag about their commitment to diversity.
And companies like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's that purposely target leftists with their organic and fair trade foodstuffs (though admittedly that's marketing).

Still, it doesn't make sense to most people as to why an increasing number of corporations would advocate and advance leftist political issues when in the end it just means higher corporate taxes.  But if you stop thinking logically and instead look at this phenomenon through a different set of eyes it's actually quite apparent what corporations are doing.  And what you'll find is that it's a combination of today's Gen X'ers taking over corporate leadership roles combined with a lack of any new ideas or talent. 

Welcome to the new marketing strategy of corporate America.

Let us be very clear why there's a seemingly leftist bend in corporations - the current generation of business leaders plain have no new plans or ideas.  Gen X is not particularly bright, most business leaders aren't real leaders as much as they are obedient, very average MBA clones.  And until the millennials came on the scene we were hands down the laziest generation this country had ever begotten.  But worse, Gen X is the first generation and "SJW prototype" to have been brainwashed by leftist indoctrination as it pertains to businesses.

This laziness and ineptitude, combined with the brainwashing they received is now infecting corporate American in full force.  And it shows in the often confusing leftist policies FOR-PROFIT corporations endorse and enact.  They enact these policies NOT because it's going to help the corporation.  They enact those policies because it's the only marketing strategy they can think of.  They enact these policies because it (in their minds) improves their reputation with the American people.  They pursue these policies because, in short, they think leftism sells.  And we see this every day.

It originally started about 30 years ago with "diversity."  Diversity was being shoved down college students throats since the late 80's.  When we hit college in the 90's it didn't matter, we knew it for the BS that it was.  But after three decades of telling people they're special because of traits (and not hard work or accomplishments) that's a sales pitch even Oprah can't match.

Then came "going green" or CSR (corporate social responsibility).  A corporation wasn't just a private entity owned by and completely beholden to its shareholders.  No, now it was part of society and must put profits below it's "corporate social responsibility" to society.  Under this BS was diversity, sexual harassment training, sensitivity training, etc., but it also laid the ground work for the "green" and "organic" fads that rushed through America in the past decade.  Of course none of this did anything to improve the bottom line, increase shareholder value, or improve products for the customer, but it was just like the latest business management fad textbook - it provided nothing of value, but took nothing to enact, but still looked like you were doing something. A dream come true for most lazy business managers.

And most recently, and we see this especially so in our entertainment industries, is the rebooting of old shows or movies because we just don't have the creative juices to create another Indiana Jones or Harry Potter. 

A new Star Wars.
A new Mad Max.
Call of Duty 57
And now they're rebooting Scooby Doo

It would be one thing if they were just too lazy to come up with new ideas, but these reboots have a particularly cute and leftist twist - replacing traditionally white male characters with non-white male characters.

The Hulk is now Asian.
Ms. Marvel is a female Muslim.
Chris Bechtloff can tell you about all the new gay or lesbian charcters.
The new Ghostbusters is just a blatant pandering to women.
And they even tried floating a balloon to see if they could make James Bond black (please do and launch the "White Shaft" while you're at it Hollywood).

I could go on, but the strategy here is something very simple and one politicians have been using for years - divide and conquer.  Of course corporations and their newest generation of "leaders" don't really want to "conquer" anything.  They just want to sell their wares.  But reliably and predictably, despite all claiming to be "independent minded," the brainwashing in school and college worked.  Today's business leaders really do think taking political positions on race, sex, privilege, the environment, etc., is a genuine and effective business strategy.  They think bragging about how they hire "minorities" but not "the best" is a long term managerial strategy.  They think donating 5% of their pre-tax profit (because a corporate tax rate of 40% just wasn't enough) will win people over.

Alas, this is the newest generation of business leaders.  People who use "fads," "political correctness" and "leftism" to sell their products.  And if you thought the Baby Boomers were bad business managers, just wait for these over-educdated, political-correct-crusaderist Gen X'ers to fully be at the helm. 

Heaven help us. 
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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cappy's Motorycling Adventures in Texas!

Greetings all!  Figured I'd post a few pics from my little roadtrip across the Yee Haw state.

First, you have to spray for "little girls."  If you don't spray your motorcycle for "little girls" it can become infected like mine here.  I'm usually much more professional, but I was in a rush and sure enough, mine got infected and it took more time out of my day to dislodge her with bleach and turpentine than had I sprayed.  Just a pointer for you beginner motorcycle riders.

If you're motorcycle gets infected by "little girls," you will have to have your coffee in a Cinderella cup as you wait for your laundry to get done.

 You will also be forced to have your motorcycle jacket "improved" with stickers.

Once your clear your motorcycle of the infection you can now enjoy the country side of Texas:

And after 8 long hours of driving they will built an old Spanish-Western type hotel in your honor:

And that is Texas so far.