Friday, March 06, 2015

Socialists Wonder Why People Aren't Breeding

Ug, the level of stupid in this is amazing.

Governments becoming more and more desperate to get younger people to breed so they can have future slaves to fund their social security eerrrr...."continue the culture and population."

Sorry socialists.

You let every other culture into our countries.
You pay parasites and punish producers
And good lord, don't even get me started about what your feminist division has done to men's desire to pro-create.

No, you created this problem and our future would be children will not be the solution to it.  This is where the game ends and any (unfortunate enough children) born to socialist parents are the ones who are going to pay for your idiocy.

Enjoy the Decline.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

They're Only Human Afterall

I would have guessed,

"Young men who put becoming heroes over finding something worthy of becoming heroic about" as to why young men become terrorists,

but sexual slaves makes just as much sense.

Were the Nazi's (the National SOCIALISTS) Socialist?

I faced a problem.

I had found another one of those "universally known economic assumptions" that everybody assumes is true, but did not know for a fact whether or not it was.  We all know these economic assumptions, and even we are guilty of assuming they're true every day:

Capitalism is the best economic system there is (proven true)
"The rich don't pay their fair share" (proven false)
"Sexism is causing the wage gap" (proven false), and
"Housing always goes up" (absolutely proven false)

However, this one was going to be a little bit harder to prove:

Whether the Nazis (the National SOCIALISTS) were indeed socialist.

The reason I was interested in proving this right/wrong is because it often surfaces when people are debating ideologies and many conservative/libertarian/freemarket types will point out that the "Nazis were socialist" in order to show that not all socialists are "nice" and that Hitler wasn't "right wing".  However, it wasn't simply going to be a matter of going to the FRED database, pulling two data series, correlating them in Excel and then giving the proverbial statistical finger to the left.  It was going to be more problematic.

First, I'll buy you a beer if you can find the actual Nazi's budget.  And I'll buy you a chaser if you can find them going back to pre war Germany.  AND I'll buy you a martini if you can get me their GNP/GDP figures!

They just don't seem to exist. 

It's either been too long ago or the actual documents have been destroy or they're buried in some CIA warehouse next to the Ark of the Covenant.  So I couldn't conclusively point at numbers and had to find some other means.

This brought up the second problem.  Without actual budget figures, I had to rely on academic research.  Unfortunately, this academic research largely focused on military spending and not non-military spending or the overall political-economic philosophy of the Nazi party.  However, it did provide some great insight into what Hitler was "thinking" in terms of economics, as well as precise and specific actions the government took during pre-war and wartime Germany.  Some of these actions included:

Price controls
Establishing a national labor group
Massive deficit spending (however no obvious data was available)
Massive public works (like our CCC, the autobahn, and other Keynesian things)
Nationalizing industries
Banning large retail stores (though due to their primarily Jewish ownership)
Government issuance of securities rising to 90% of total securities issued (ie only 10% private sector)
And a corporate tax reaching 98%

All of these are obviously and blatantly socialist, and conservatives may think they've won the debate about whether the Nazis were socialist here.  But you know the left and you know merely citing actions Nazis took is NOT going to convince them.

You need data.
You need charts.
You need irrefutable proof.

That's the only way to get leftists to stare blankly at your data, be speechless, then shrug their shoulders, dismiss your data, and call you a racist (which is the only form of victory you can get over leftists because they are so delusional they think they can never be wrong). 

So inevitably, I knew I would have to find data.  And after a solid hour of researching, I found two datasets, pre-war Germany, that though NOT GDP and the actual Nazi federal budgets, still allowed me to do a little bit of Algebra (that's "math" for you liberal arts majors) and come up with the precise numbers I was looking for:

Nazi military expenditure as a % of GDP


The pre-war budget of the Third Reich

When I put them together I could infer the dataset I universally use to determine whether or not a country is "socialist" or "capitalist."

Government spending as a % of GDP

And when we look at the actual numbers we can conclusively say that the Nazis were indeed socialists.

Government spending as a percentage of GDP averaged around 40% pre-war.  Additionally (at least in the beginning) 80% of the budget was spent on social programs, not the hallmark of an "evil, right wing, capitalist economy."  And when combined with the blatant socialist moves of nationalization, government work projects, price controls, and other forms of government intervention it is very clear that the effective economic philosophy of the Nazis was socialism.

However, in intellectually honesty (as well as intellectual interest) there are some interesting observations that need to be pointed out.

One, there was not much time to witness or study Nazism's economic policy that wasn't obscured or masked by Hitler's war ambitions.  Matter of fact nearly all of the academic research on "Nazi Economics" was about Hitler's drive for re-armament.  Ergo, to see the default state of a "peace time Nazi economy" you maybe get that in 1935 before Hitler ramps up the military spending.

Two, the "Nazi miracle" (where Hitler gets Germany to full employment faster than any other western nation out of the Great Depression) is actually quite misleading.  Yes GDP was growing at double digit rates.  Yes, "full employment" was attained.  But it was all due to an overly aggressive rearmament.  So "overly aggressive" that actual standards of living decreased.  The military took so much in terms of resources civilians had to suffer rationing, consume less consumer goods and in general sacrifice for the military.  And this was NOT even during the war.

Three, ironically the same could be said about the US.  Once we entered the war we essentially did what Nazi Germany did during pre-war.  Build up our military at all costs.  Food and fuel rationing.  But in a Keynesian dream come true we "got that dem der GDP figure nice and high and got dat dem der employment rate to full" even though people will still sacrificing.  About the only thing that could be said that was better in the US was that pre-war we were getting out of the depression by supplying the Europeans the materials they needed to kill each other.  This once again shows the obfuscating effect war has on an economy making it difficult to discuss whether that economy is indeed "capitalist" or "socialist."

Finally, the father of Nazism himself, Hitler, actually didn't seem too interested in economics.  He was not consistent in different economic stances, first claiming one thing, then contradicting in another.  And though I did not read Mein Kampf, his overall effective actions (in my research) were to outsource the economics of Nazism to his financial leaders (Schacht, Funk, and Goering).  Here (once again) the focus shifted almost immediately from rebuilding Germany to preparing it for war.

In the end, however, whatever Hitler's and the Nazi's ultimate philosophical economic aims were, the actions and numbers were effectively socialist.  Certainly during "peacetime" and especially so during war (as military spending is still state spending, akin to North Korea).  Thankfully, it is a theoretical debate about what a post-WWII Nazi economy would look like.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Wednesday Night Linkage

Digital Kidnapping - I don't know what's worse.  The disgustingness of digital kidnapping or the fact she proudly has a website "RedHeadedBabyMama"  Regardless, the father could not be reached for comment.

A fellow Economist in the Field responds to my philosophical point that there is no such thing as capital gains.

Now I've seen everything - "Birth Tourism"

HR replaced by robots...not that it would be hard to do that.

Ahhhh...too freaking bad.  A liberal arts school closes...after a $9 million renovation to a library of course.  Because libraries are soooo important now with the internet.

An outstanding interview and discussion about IQ, intelligence, and race.

Gov. Mark Dayton Found to Be Stalking His Wife

Gov. Mark Dayton is seeking a meeting "as soon as possible" with his wife about her decision to go out with her girlfriends Friday night without his knowledge.

Dayton told reporters Wednesday that he did not get advance warning about her going out as it is customary for his wife to inform him of everything she does, thinks, and says. He says he wants to hear directly from her about what she did, why she did, and who she was with.

In a statement, Mrs. Dayton said she looks forward to working with Mark and other Minnesota elected officials to inform them about her intentions and whereabouts last Friday.

Mrs. Dayton told friends Tuesday that she would "do what she wanted because she is her own person and Mark did not own her as a slave." Governor Mark Dayton called this display of self-ownership "tragic."

Original article here.

My take on it here.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

STD's - "Student Loan Debt"

Remember to vaccinate your children against STD's.  Buy them Worthless.

Helping Blacks is Now "Racist"

I swear, the insanity political correctness has caused:

Alex is Looking to Hire Again

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Monday, March 02, 2015

There's No Such Thing as Capital Gains

Monday Morning Linkage

Holy Cow!  Somebody made Bon Jovi cool!

Sponsored post #1 - Killing every day.

Sponsored post #2 - Comical Presidential Mottos

Glorious Karl reviews The Black Man's Guide Out of Poverty

Anybody know if this pic is real or photoshopped?  Presumably a communist in Nazi Germany getting executed:

Well Done Mr. Aurini

Well done indeed.

(Davis is starting his own online consultancy that specializes in philosophical requests, and I just wanted to hat tip to him because I think he did a heck of a job with the filmotography for his intro)

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Episode #85 of The Clarey Podcast

Why driving through an ice storm in Albuquerque is like Return of the Jedi
The ideas you come up with in Kansas
The "Those were good times" Joke
Shorter to look it up on Google
Venezuela's president blames the US for his screw ups
We'd, sadly, have to kill all North Koreans
What if Whites/Males/Jews/and other boogeymen actually committed the crimes they were accused of?


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kansas Snow Storm Road Trip Linkage

The costs of falling in love - payment one way I assure you.

And the bubble goes "POP!"

Isn't this the same MSM entity that purposely edited the audio to make Zimmerman sound racist?

When leftists try to "do economics."  (note, she's ugly too!)

What, wait?  WHO just did WHAT!!???

DT and the Man will keep me company on my trek back home.  YOu should listen to them too.

Aurini opens business for his philosophy consulting venture "Aurini's Insights"  Consider visiting him if you have a question about philosophy and everything Davis.

A PhD In Gardening

Honest to god.  I thought it was:

1.  A spoof
2.  And if not a spoof, a bogus degree offered at a bogus school.

It's the University of Michigan.

Which I guess is now a bogus school.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tonight's Bed Stand

Embrace the Suck Part 2

More pictures from this lousy life.  These pictures include scenes from our hike in the Red Rocks state park, a hike down to the Colorado River from the Hoover dam, Cowboy Aurini who is taking well to his new Nevada home, me and the affable Sergeant Rumpie Fluffalo summiting Turtle Peak, and a trip out to the Valley of Fire north of Vegas.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Embracing the Suck Part 1

As many of you know it is my 40th birthday party and I rewarded myself for living this long with a 2 week trip out in the wild west.  The first part was a trek to what (invariably) led to Las Vegas, but entailed exploring the southwest corner of Colorado.  Specifically, visiting Mesa Verde national park and a wonderful hike though "The Canyon of the Ancients" which has similar Ute Indian dwellings from the 1100's.  Just wanted to share some pics and prove to my loyal readers that I am not "goofing off" or "having fun," but am hard at work ensuing that I am as Cappy as I can possibly be.

However, I did want to explain one of the pictures below because it is pretty cool.  It is the cemetery from a true western town that did exist called "Pahreah."  Not only was it a real western town, it was also a movie studio location for various western shows, and a couple of movies.  Not least of which was the final scene in "The Outlaw Josey Wales."  I will simply make the statement that "adventure is out there" and all you have to do is leave your home to discover it.

I Didn't Even Know the Oscars Were On

It's nice to see America is losing its tastes for watching Hollywood masturbate to itself.