Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Higher Priced Weddings Correlate with Increased Divorce Rates

As do pricier engagement rings.

In short, if you blow more than $20,000 on a wedding, your chances for divorce go up 350%.

Still trying to find a study that shows the correlation coefficient (not to mention a study about the rate of divorce amongst women who insist on hyphenating their names, though I've heard studies have been squashed on that topic).

Monday, July 06, 2015

Germany, Not Greece Should Leave the Euro

I had faced a problem.

The new laptop I got SPECIFICALLY for being able to conduct business whilst adventuring was not recognizing the videos from the sim card I used with my camcorder.  This was quite problematic as the majority of my consulting division's business is via video and not e-mail. I then started calculating how many hours it would take to trouble shoot this problem (do I download a codec, how long is it going to take to find the answer on google, what if nobody has had this problem before), until it dawned on me that the solution was NOT to somehow force my current system to work, but to simply use the built in camcorder that came with my new laptop. 

Another instance, I was at a swing dance joint.  I was feeling pretty good about myself, dapperly dressed in a suit fresh from my banking gig, and with no commitments for the weekend, was quite sure I'd land a couple phone numbers, perhaps even a girl back at my home that evening.  However, there were very few attractive women at the club and those that were, were very stingy with the dancing.  Even those that said yes were a bit standoffish.  At first I thought maybe it was my approach or I had bad breath or something to do with me.  But then I realized it may just be the joint and not me.  I soon left to go salsa dancing and met a Russian ballet dancer (which is another story for another time).

I could go on, but there have been instances in my life where the solution is NOT the one you think you should be looking for, but one where you need to step back, take off the horse blinders, look at the problem from a wider scope and realize there is usually a much simpler, better, efficient, and cheaper solution.

And thus is the case with the current soap opera surrounding Greece.

Recently Greece voted to reject austerity measures that were insisted upon by the EU in order to continue to have the right to suck the blood out of hard working Europeans receive a bail out and further financial assistance.  However, polls also showed 74% of Greeks wanted to remain in the Euro so they can continue to parasite off of other countries for reasons that are not too clear and ironic.

Naturally, the balless EU and its largely pansified, socialist member nations didn't dare play hardball, delivering rightly-due punishment to the communist Greek government.  They instead said the door "still remained open for negotiations" which will continue to go forever and ultimately be like collecting on a mortgage of a $30,000-naire "Dudebro" and "Ditzytrophywife" American couple who bought a McMansion in 2006 on an adjustable ARM with their "part time sales" and "hair stylist" jobs.

So what is the solution my fine aspiring, young, deputy economists?

Is it to kick the can down the road again (and again, and again ^n x infinity?)
Is it to kick Greece out of the EU, forcing it to print off quintillion of "drachmas" and have the idiot bankers who lent them the money bite the bullet?
Should you send in tanks as would have been the norm back in 1800's?

How about something much simpler?

How about Germany leaves the EU?

While everybody is focusing on the screaming spoiled brat child in Europe, throwing its temper tantrums (that would be "Greece" if you didn't know), nobody is focusing on the one sole adult in the room, and that would be Germany.  Germany, by nearly all measures is a superior, more responsible, more productive, and more intelligent country when it comes to economics than Greece is.  It has only ran a deficit of 2% GDP the past 15 years (while recently balancing it) while Greece has ran a deficit averaging around 10% (halving it to "only" 5% today).  Germany's labor force participation rate is (a still laughable) 60.3% today, while Greece barely has half it's able bodied people LOOKING for work (52%).  And Germany's government spends (again "only") 44% GDP while Greece's spends 59% (while still screaming bloody murder over the "draconian" calls for austerity). 

We could go on, but you get the point.  You can look at nearly every economic measure at the OECD comparing Germany against Greece and see that one country is a reliable, responsible, productive adult and the other is a petulant little spoiled child.

However, there's another interesting thing about Germany.

Germany, is the ONLY adult in this daycare center euphemistically called the EU.  Again, Greece is merely the loudest child, but if you look at the finances of nearly every other EU member, they're no better than Greece.  France, Italy, Portugal, you name it.  They all have debts approaching the point of being unpayable and populations that are just as delusional and just as entitled as their Greek siblings.  And what this ultimately means is that the only real net-economic producer in this Euro-zone is Germany, making it the host to all the other parasite nations.

Alas, the solution is clear.

We can focus all the attention and negotiations and can-kicking and bail outs on Greece all we want.  But Greece is merely one of many more countries that will be going through the same thing.  It would be much easier for the EU's sole economic producer to abandon it's position of "host to the parasites," and let a Germanyless EU suffer its own fate.  Germany could start the printing presses tomorrow, re-releasing the Deutschmark and at a rate I'd say around 2 Euros to 1 DM.  There'd be international demand for it, and given German speed, intelligence and efficiency, they would lose at MOST 1% of GDP making the adjustment (which would save them the roughly 3-5% GDP the Greeks have been leeching off of them via bailouts).

But most importantly of all,

We Americans would no longer have to listen to this BS, soap opera drama where you European idiots ACTUALLY LENT MONEY to a socialist nation and thought they'd pay you back.

We can get on to much more important things like talking about Bruce Jenner or the Kardashians.

As they say "Auf Deutsch"

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Adam Kotsko - Why White Professors Sometimes Hate White People

Add Adam Kotsko to the growing list of professors (both white and non-white) who are blaming white males for all of the world's problems.  Their solutions range from demanding reparations (from people who had nothing to do with any of the world's past grievances) to calling for white males to kill themselves.  Of course Mr. Kotsko claims his demand white males commit suicide was a "joke," (and I'll let you be the judge of that), but it is clear that Mr. Kotsko is for effectively enslaving innocent white males for past transgressions (both real and made up) that they had nothing to do with.

In short, Mr. Kotsko hates white males...ironically, of which he is one.

Is Mr. Kotsko a worthless degreed academian with no real world experience?

Did he major in a worthless subject ensuring he never works a real job and only anti-male, anti-white, leftist authoritarian 4th tier degree mills will hire him?

Is this just another crusaderer leftist who is too lazy to work a real job and is just biding what little remains of his pointless, worthless life on this planet acting like he's morally superior to others?

But while this type of behavior is entirely predictable and expected among non-white racist professors, why are there white professors that seemingly hate themselves, even calling for their own race's enslavement or even suicide?

Well, strap yourselves in there fine lieutenants, economists and agents in the field, and pour yourself a hefty drink.  For the ole Captain is going to explain it to you.

A while ago I knew this guy called "Bob."  Bob had mommy and daddy pay for his masters in computer engineering and thusly never knew poverty, strife or what it took to make society work.  He was spoiled and consequently lived on the "top decks of the Titanic" never seeing the dirty, sweaty engine room below that made his luxurious life so possible.  Because he was never where the rubber hit the road in society, he was a staunch leftist.  He believed that taxes should be raised, George Bush was evil, blah blah blah.  However, when I asked him,

"What's it like forking over 50% of your income to people who don't work for a living?"

as he made well into the 6 figures he said,

"I prefer to pay them so they don't riot or revolt."

And that was the god's honest truth.

Go back considerably further in time and there's another similar example - danegeld.

"Danegeld" was simply money paid to the vikings in viking times so that they wouldn't raid northern mainland Europe.  It was "protection money," nothing more, nothing less, to protect then Holland, Belgium, Normandy, and Denmark from viking raiders.  And just like that wimp my old colleague "Bob," they'd rather effectively submit themselves to slavery than fight the parasites that were attempting to live off of them.

Now while the two aforementioned examples may not have any obvious link to Mr. Kotsko's hatred for the white race, there are some similarities and a shared seed between the two that explain why the likes of Mr. Kotsko call for/hate on their own race.  And that commonality is laziness.

I will say it again for the cheap seats.

All socialism and leftists are is lazy.

The ENTIRE doctrine of socialism, communism, liberalism, feminism and leftism can be summed up in one word - lazy.

They simply do not want to work and if given the choice between self-supportation or parasitism, they will choose parasitism.  This is why the vast majority of leftists are in academia, government, non-profits, or just on the government dole AND is also why the majority of their efforts are merely concocting reasons and lies as to why they are entitled to other people's work.

They are




And Mr. Kotsko (and the increasing number of - surprise surprise - leftist worthless liberal arts academians) are no exception.

However, laziness presents a problem for people who are defined by it and live by it.

It's hard to survive with that mentality.

Again, the majority of leftists' work is simply rationalizing and coming up with reasons you're entitled to other people's time in the form of money.  It is rationalizing slavery.  It is rationalizing their parasitism.

This is all well and good when there's a healthy host full of a lot of blood you care to leech off of.  But what if there isn't?  What if the host is dying or dead?  What if the host just plain doesn't have any more blood to give?  Or the host is under threat of being taken over and replaced with a new entity?

And this is where the laziness is combined with cowardice on the part of the left.

It is my humble opinion that these leftists professors' survivalist instincts are kicking in.   And because they are soooooo steeped in viewing the world through academically induce racial goggles, they see their own race "demographicing out," and non-white demographicing in.  By 2047 whites are expected to NOT account for half the population, and given the political movement to criminalize whites, blame whites for all problems, and use them as the scapegoat, these cowardly professors see the OWN WRITING on the wall and will gladly throw away any self respect they have, as long as they're on the "winning side."  This will hopefully "curry favor" with their new "overlords" and since they will have a track record of calling for the suicide of whites (and sometimes males) in their sad pathetic minds, their sad, pathetic, parasitic lives will be "spared."

There is however one problem.

In not even having the slightest bit of self-respect, and being so lazy you'll "submit" yourself to a new "tyrant," what kind of life will you live?  I mean, I know being a liberal arts profession at a worthless school in an industry that is bursting like the Dotcom bubble must suck.  But I cannot help but conclude your life will be like "The Toadie" from Mad Max 2.

Who is "The Toadie?"

Well, this guy who tries to catch the boomerang:

It doesn't matter how degrading the environment or his/her position in life is, leftists are so lazy they will accept ANY POSITION, as long as it avoids real work.  The Toadie is a weakling.  The Toadie doesn't care to work out.  The Toadie does not care to become a road warrior.  But that's OK.  Even if The Toadie's fingers get cut off and he is the butt end of all jokes, perhaps even Lord Humongous' bitch, it beats having to work a real job.  And that ultimately means having no self-respect, valuing yourself at 0, to the point you'd call for the suicide of your own kind.

The truth is this really has nothing to do with race.  This is 100% psychology, psychopathy, cowardice, and self-loathing.  These professors, who by their own "profession," are unconsciously admitting they do not care to be real men and women in this society, are the true and genuine fools in this world.  They are the weaklings that would rather enslave themselves by paying danegeld to perceived-future vikings than lifting weights, taking up arms, and training to fight them off.  They are the modern day incarnations of "Bob" who would rather bribe the parasitic masses than refuse them, fight them, or face them.  And sadly, they are the true racists for deep down inside they believe their own leftist, hate-filled propaganda that there's some knid of race war brewing or (more idiotically) "whites should commit suicide" when in reality most minorities and whites get along just fine and we'd miss some friendships and loved ones if half the population just up and killed itself.

So do yourself a favor.

Don't pay the danegeld.
Don't pay the protection money.
Don't be an Uncle Ruckus.
And don't suffer from "The Toadie Syndrome."

Friday, July 03, 2015

Self Employ or Die

It is now approaching 8 years that the country suffered the 2007 financial crisis and has since been stuck in the slow-growth doldrums of Keynesian mediocracy and "new normalcy."  Despite trillions in stimulus spending and QE monies, the (largely) left's attempts to spur economic growth have failed.  During Obama's administration GDP has grown around a paltry 1.8% per year, unemployment (if you believe the official figures) is just now below a recessionary 6%, and labor force participation has dropped to its worst measure since the last worst recession (The Volcker Recession). 

However, while the macro-economic picture is bad, it doesn't tell half the story for younger people.  And that story is a horrible one.

Unemployment for youth is double that of the national average.  Labor force participation hasn't be this low since the FIRST oil embargo in the 70's.  And (depending on which measures you want to use) UNDERemployment for the "most educated" generation in the history of America is anywhere between 30-50%.  And this says nothing about the trillion+ dollar student loan albatross hanging around their necks.

The irony of course is that this generation did it to themselves.  They voted for Obama.  They "hated" on corporations.  They launched the OWS protests.  And they Venn diagram heavily with the parasites of society who euphemistically call themselves "SJW's."  There is no generation that hates capitalism, economic growth, economic progress, and success more than today's young.  However while they did pull the trigger and it is is "technically" their own fault, it wasn't as if they weren't completely brainwashed into doing so.  The young did not grow up in a vacuum, uninfluenced by parents, teachers, media, politicians, and TV.  They are a byproduct of the previous generations.  And so while they did indeed vote against their own economic interests twice (and with Bernie Sanders, maybe a third, even fourth time) you can't blame them too much given the leftist indoctrination and complete lack of economic and financial fundamentals Gen X and the Baby Boomers failed to teach them.

However, the Millennials are no longer the doey eyed 18 year olds they were when they first voted for Obama in 2008.  Nor are they the infatuated 22 year old female masters student with the VT's for Obama when they voted for him again in 2012.  They are now a generation completely lost because all the promises and guarantees the previous generations told them are not coming true.  And for the first time in their lives they are facing the full costs and consequences of being led to make the stupid decisions they did in the past.  It is here they are finding out they've been living a lie and the real world is completely different than what they were told.

It is here there is a fork in the road and an important one for them.  For they have the choice to start listening to the Knowledgesphere-harsh truths, facts and reality evil, blunt jerks like me spew on a daily basis, or simply double down on their indoctrinated religion of leftism, stick their heads in the sand, and continue to live the lies they were told to believe, consequently ruining their one, finite life on this planet forever. 

And I think if you're here, you're thankfully in the former.

If that's the case then there is an important lesson you need to learn.  For it's about your only shot at happiness, true financial success, and a life that was infinitely better than the one you've lived thus far.  However, it requires that we look back and admit that what you were told was wrong.  And not only was it wrong, but the people that told you it had no clue what they were talking about.  We need to realize these people are living lives just as sucky as yours AND ALSO admit taking "conventional wisdom" that applied in the past does not apply into the future.  We need to be forward looking, proactive and realistic, and develop strategies and make decisions based on these real world observations, all to salvage what remains of our lives.

In short, you must self employ or die.

On my latest western adventure I had lunch with a friend of mine on a main street in a small Minnesota town.  He was telling me the story about how his dad worked for one of the largest airlines in America, until it went bankrupt.  It emerged out of bankruptcy, but the pension he had worked so hard for was wiped out.  The poor man is now underwater on his mortgage and relies on my buddy to support him.

On a less personal note, one of my most hated cities, Detroit, has gone through a similar such scenario.  Not necessarily the actual city of Detroit, but its delusional and spoiled brat government workers who were promised insane pensions on the financial back of a dying leftist town.  No matter what promises were uttered by the latest criminal-cum-mayor, in the end math and reality reigned supreme and thousands of former city employees are facing a fraction of what they were promised for pensions.

I could go on, but the points are clear.

1.  The traditional life cycle of employment previous generations lived by no longer works and is no longer in effect.  You will NOT find that life-long job at the local factory where you put in your 30 years and get your golden watch and pension.  You are lucky to be working as a barrista and often for many young people today Uber and Lyft are the best employment options you have.

2.  The previous generations have absolutely no freaking clue what they're talking about.  Not only did they lead two full generations towards the path of life long poverty, debt, and underemployment, they themselves have so piss-poorly managed this nation you now have a country with 110% debt to GDP, a 7 year old recession, a housing bubble, a Dotcom bubble, a retirement bubble, and oh yeah, they're still blindsided by pensions not being funded AND no more than 10% of them have adequately saved for their own retirement. 

And finally,

3.  No form of employment is safe.  It's one thing if a traditionally leveraged and risky industry like airlines file for bankruptcy.  But when government pensions can't even be honored it shows you there is NO employer who can be relied upon to pay for your retirement, let alone keep you employed.  You are just one CEO's-trophy-wive's-demand-for-a-horse-farm away from getting laid off.  One moronic bankster-inflated asset bubble bursting away from losing your job.  And just one rating-agency's-downgrade-of-your-municipal-employer's-bonds away from losing your pension.

In short no place in America today is a consistent and reliable source of employment.

But dire as America's labor market is today for young people, this only speaks to the reliability of employment.  It says NOTHING about the working environment that results when you have such an oversupply of desperate labor juxtaposed against weak demand for it.  Specifically, an intolerable and hostile work environment where employers are becoming increasingly petty, controlling, manipulative, and sadistic.

Forget requiring an MBA and 5 years experience for an entry level job.  Forget 5 stages of interviews, 2 with HR ditzes, and 3 with increasingly incompetent levels of management.

What if you actually get hired?

So untenable and fragile is your employment today it isn't enough that you merely perform well at your job.  You need to navigate the insane and illogical labyrinth of office politics and managerial pscyhology.  You need to walk on eggshells.  You need to anticipate and forecast the inconsistent, psychotic, and always changing demands of all "stakeholders"  You need to "kiss the ring" of your employer and dance like a good little monkey.

Alas, merely showing up on time and giving 110% isn't enough.

You need "diversity training."
You need to donate to the United Way.
You need to commute to the new office 90 minutes away.
You need to attend company functions on the weekend.
You need "sexual harassment training."
You need to "walk to raise awareness for ADHDHHDDHDDDD"
You need to "give us your facebook password."
You need to "smile more at work."
You need your "flair."
You need to "come in on the weekend."

And above all else, you need to avoid right leaning politics.  Either through donations, public forums, or your right to freedom of association.  Otherwise you will be doxxed, you will be fired, or magically a "sexual harassment case" will be made against you.  And your career, no matter how far along you are to retirement, will be ruined.

It is these two traits - the mathematical/economic impossibility of a traditional career, combined with the literally psychotic and totalitarian environment employers have become - that makes the only acceptable form of employment in your life self employment.  You must self-employ, or you will mentally die.

Of course a lot of people don't think self-employment is for them.  They're not the "entrepreneurial type."  They like the "comfort" of working for somebody else.  And to that I say "tough."  Because you are operating under the premise that you have a choice.  Yes, technically you do have a choice, but so bad has the employment prospects and employment environment become, that it practically forces you into self-employment.  However, if you consider the pros and cons of self-employment against traditional employment, it will hopefully at least make a convincing argument for self-employment and at least provide you the incentive to "get into the entrepreneurial mindset."

First, you eliminate the issue of reliable employment.  You are your own boss and thus you have your own best interests at heart.  You will be the best boss you ever had and will treat yourself better than any boss you will ever have.  You will not outsource your job to India.  You won't sue yourself for sexual harassment.  You won't "choose to go another direction" when times get tough.

Second, mental health.  In being your own employer you won't have to endure the petty Baby Boomer boss antics of "predict my mind or else we'll fire you."  Or "I told you this, but I really wanted you to do that."  Or "I'm a 20 something brainwashed girl and am offended by everything and will file harassment complaints all the time."  Or (my all time favorite game) "I Know We Said Your Job Would Be X, But Now that You Signed a Year Lease and MOved Here, It's Going to Be Y."

In short, all the mental BS, lies, and gimmickry is gone.

Third, efficiency.  Closely related to mental health is the fact that most employees want to do their best.  However, because more value is placed on conformance and ass-kissing than ass-kicking, being an efficient and productive employee gets you nowhere.  When you're the boss it is all efficiency all the time.  No games, no politics, no chicanery.  Every decision you get to make is 100% efficient AND 100% IMMEDIATE.  There is no "waiting for approval" or "waiting for the green light" from your boss.  The mental health alone that comes with the feeling of "getting stuff done" is amazing and rewarding.

Fourth, no commute.

I know the aged, Baby Boomer powers that be who are desperately clinging onto the reigns of power believe this is a myth, but you don't have to commute. Matter of fact, most jobs can be done from home (unless of course you pursue a trade type form of self employment).  This not only frees up time but drastically improves your mental health, your physical health, AND dramatically improves your family life.  More time with the kids, more time with the wife, more time on the boat, more time playing catch.  And its amazing how if you get rid of a commute you get rid of your chances for divorce.

And finally, five, better finances.

In being self employed you can write off a whole host of things you normally can't as a wage slave.  Travel, computers, office space, insurance, etc., it usually compensates for the fact you have to pay your full social security tax.  However, the tax write offs are not the key financial benefit of self employment.  It is the long term asset you are building up that cannot be confiscated nor stolen from you (unless the communists take over). 

The government can rescind the tax benefits,, even confiscate your 401k or IRA.
The government can inflate away or just refuse to pay your social security.
And your employer can (as we noted before) just go bankrupt and not pay you your pension.

However, your company, your network of clients, your expertise and everything else that goes into generating income from it cannot.  In building your own company you create a system that is mobile, non-confiscatable, and unable to be rescinded like a pension or social security.  That system can continue to generate income no matter what happens to social security, and (if done right) can be sold for more money than what 95% of Americans have in their "retirement accounts."  If you're self employed, you won't have to sit there for 30 years post retirement worrying about whether "Montgomery Wards" is "going to make it" for the next 30 years.  You just need to know that "Bob's Roofing" is running well under your son, "Bob Jr." as he pays you your 30% cut of profits and you retire down south on a beach.

But for all the pros (nay, compunction) of self-employment, there will be one final predictable argument against self-employment.  And that is

"We all can't be self employed."

And you're right.  We all can't.

Thankfully, despite the pure awesomeness of me and this blog, we are still a small minority when it comes to the general American population and interwebz.  Because of the statistics of the bell distribution curve the average reader here is smarter than 93% of the population who are too busy being lemmings, watching daytime TV, Ellen, The View, Sports Center, Meet the Press, CNBC, The Kardashians, and "24/7 Bruce Jenner Saga Drama Show."  They lack the intelligence, ingenuity, incentive, drive, rigor, and determination to become successful entrepreneurs and (thankfully) will serve as those tortured wage slaves at Initech or McDonald's so we don't have to,.  And better yet, they will indebt themselves to that miserable existence TO BUY OUR STUFF.

Alas, we are compelled to become self-employed.  Not just because economics and reality mandates us.  Not just because it's the most basic self-respecting thing you can do for yourself.  But because if not us, then who?

"Why Do You Carry a Gun, Aaron?"

Because you never know when some idiot is going to shoot up a movie theater
Some kid is going to start blasting away people at church
Or a swarm of idiots decide to get violent.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Built Up from Vacation Linkage

How gay marriage will affect my marriage.

An analysis of human breeding strategies r vs. k by Stefan Molyneux.  Part 1 of a 4 part series and I strongly recommend you download and listen to it.

This is the epitome of "Those Who Can't Do Teach."  Talentless people attending an "academic conference" on heavy metal.

As the parasites go hyperbolic.

College degrees are the new fiat currency.

Good for him.

No matter what, women do talk more than men.  However, letting the guy speak once in a while leads to successful relationships.  So ladies, STFU once in a while.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

5,000 Miles in 5 Days

After a very lengthy mad dash to Lake Havasu and back (in a car without air conditioning no less) I am finally home.  I did not take a ton of pictures because I have been to most of these places before, but I did want to share these videos of two "scenic viewing areas" right off the side in Utah.  These aren't even STATE PARKS.  Just "scenic areas."  Anyway, will be putting together some 360 panoramic photos later, but hope you enjoy the views and consider making some travels out west;

Monday, June 29, 2015

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Arguing Past Their Narrative

If you are like me, you don't like to waste time.  Not only because you don't like to "waste your time" in a classical sense, but you also likely had the epiphany you are going to die and any precious moment in your life that is wasted either not entertaining you or serving you in some longer term capacity is in an economic sense tolerating partial suicide. 

To that end you've likely made some (very important) changes in life that have not only saved you time, but led to a happier and more content life.
  • You no longer tolerate a commute insisting on working from home or living next to work.
  • You stopped watching TV realizing no amount of mindless sitcoms will replace one quality  conversation with your loving, but ailing grandfather.
  • Or you have given up on MSM, instead reading alternative media, or perhaps giving up on media altogether knowing you won't change this batshit insane world. 
Whatever it is, you've realized your life is too short to waste on things that either don't matter or things you can't do anything about, and have instead opted to spend that time on things that actually matter in life and will make you happy.

And debating with leftists  (and politics in general) should be one such thing you also strike from the list.

It took me a while to realize this, but after nearly 15 years of providing undeniable economic and empirical proof socialism just plain doesn't work and that free markets provides a morally and empirically superior society and economy, ONLY to have every single leftist I was trying to convince dismiss it with some weak or cowardly form of flawed logic ("well, perception is reality" was my favorite), it dawned on me I was not reasoning or arguing with intellectually honest or rational humans.

Quite the contrary.

It was like 1981 where I was arguing with my teachers I had in parochial school.

They were ideologues.
The were zealots.
They were cultists and fanatics.

No amount of fact, truth, reason, logic, or empiricism was going to convince them.  And that the key to "winning" the debate was not found in economics, history, or facts, but through psychology, emotion, mockery, and insult.  And even then, most would still adhere to their false religion, rendering all my efforts wasted, and thus a "partial suicide" of my infinitely more important life.

So I made a change.  I no longer debated economics or threw up charts.  I no longer tried to reason with people on the left.  And I rarely bothered ever pulling data.  I hopped on my motorcycle, went riding, climbed mountains, hiked national parks, went dancing, drank, fucked pretty girls, panned for gold, ate sushi, lived life, and if I EVER got into it with leftists I immediately went emotional and personal.  Mocking and ridiculing them, pointing out their degrees were worthless, agitating feminists that they were ugly, telling single moms their market value's been halved, and other arguments/tactics I would have largely regarded as "sophomoric" or "beneath me" all of 5 years ago, but now realized these are their "modern day equivalent weapons" by which they fight, and are the only tactics that they're aware of and affect them.

However, (though it feels good) merely agitating them and angering them about their reality of life does nothing to "win" the war many of you are still trying to wage against them.  And while I don't expect many conservatives or libertarians to just give up the fight, get vasectomies, tell their boss to shove it, go Lester Burnham on life, and join me on my next motorcycle trek out west, I do know for those of you insist on staying in the fight need to change your tactics because it is not working, will never work, and not only will you lose the war, but your children (if you foolishly decided to bring some into this world) are going to pay the price.  Thus, the importance of "arguing through their narrative."

Understand one simple thing about "socialism" "leftism" "liberalism" "communism" or whatever you want to call it.

It is nothing more than the lazy of society demanding the hard working and industrious be their slaves.

It is NOTHING more complicated than the parasites of society demanding the producers support and pay for them.

I don't care how many pages "Das Kapital" is.
I don't care how many millions of hours the thousands of liberal arts professors lecture.
And I don't care how many trillions of words they and the MSM write in journals or "research studies."

In the end, when you boil it down, ALL leftism is is a group of lazy people who don't want to work for a living and want to live off of other people. 

That's it. 
That's all. 

That one sentence summarizes the libraries worth of socialist literature throughout all of history

Socialism is parasitism.

Naturally this stance (parasitism) is untenable and indefensible.  NOBODY is willing to be the host in this relationship, and no-would-be-parasite's ego is willing to admit they are a parasite.

Thus, the majority, if not, all of the effort put forth by the left is NOT merely taking other people's money, but coming up with reasons, rationalization, and excuses to steal other people's money.  And you see it in nearly all of their arguments/political platforms:

I'm discriminated against by white males because I'm _____________.
We don't spend enough on education
We don't spend enough on health care
We don't spend enough on the poor/Social Justice
College isn't all about the money
War on women (glass ceiling, rape culture, wage gap)
Corporations/the rich control everything
We need to tax producing countries to stop global warming

I could go on, but all of the arguments above, ALL OF THEM, no matter how "noble sounding" serve only one purpose and one purpose only - to transfer money from the producers of society to the parasites.

"We need more money for education for the children" when translated DIRECTLY into English should read:

"A bunch of us lazy people who decided at 17 we didn't want to work hard so we chose "education" as our majors want the rest of you hard working people to pay for our cake and 9 months a year cushy jobs.  And if you don't then we're going to claim you hate children because we don't want you to even think about just what parasites we are."

When you hear "College isn't all about the money" you should translate that DIRECTLY into English to read:

"We are a bunch of worthless parasites who don't want to work real jobs and found government academia to be a place where we are overpaid professors, who are simply paid to indoctrinate your children to simply vote the parasite class more money while charging $400 per credit for tuition and $400 for our book that is constantly underrevision so used books can never be used again."

And when you hear "I need money because I'm discriminated against because I'm (fill in your choice de jour)

gay, (or the newest victim fad)

that should translate directly into English to read:

"I'm a coward and am going to hide behind a trait I was born with to claim I'm a victim because claiming to be a victim will get me additional funds and special treatment throughout my life at the expense of others.  I will also be doubly cowardly and disingenuous claiming anybody who dares to suggest my personal decisions resulted in my status in life is a rac/sex/misogyn/ist."

In short, nearly all of the left's argument is a spectacularly HUGE strawman that few conservatives and libertarians realize is one.   And if they fail to realize it's a strawman, their efforts are misdirected and no progress is made on winning the debate.

Once a leftist claims they need your money because "you can't spend enough on our children" conservatives and libertarians foolishly think that is their argument!  And off they go, rushing to pull data that shows more money on education doesn't equal better schools.

Or when a feminist claims "rape" is an epidemic on college campuses, again, conservatives and libertarians think THAT is their argument.  And once again, foolishly rush off to pull the factual data that college women are raped at rates less than the general population.

And heaven help you if you're accused of racism or sexism or any other "ism."  Again, soooo predictably, the conservative or libertarian will scramble to prove they are NOT a racist or sexist, completely abandoning the original argument, and now debating a completely new and irrelevant one.

The reality is they just want your money, and will stop any no dirty trick or lie to get it.

"You can't spend enough on our children" is "give us teachers more of your money."

"Rape is an epidemic" is "we women's studies professors can't find jobs and need government grant money.  Give us some because we don't want to get real jobs and we don't care how many young men's lives we ruin with false rape claims."

And "Give me more money because you discriminate against me" is "I'm the true bigot and have no problem falsely blaming people of your sex and skin color for oppressing me because not only will it get me more of your money, but it will assuage me of any personal responsibility that my shitty life is the result of my own horrendously stupid decisions."

To quote Charles Grodin from "Midnight Run"

"It's all about the fucking money!"

Alas, this presents conservatives and libertarians who want to "win this war" a choice.  You can keep arguing against the false premises even the left doesn't believe in or start arguing against their true motives and incentives.  This is easier said than done because the left (and its accompanying entities of the government, academia, and the media) is so hardwired to play victim that any direct accusation will IMMEDIATELY result in accusations of you being an "ist" AND attempts to dox you, ruin your career, and ruin your name.  So just imagine a single, black mother of 5 with 4 different fathers starts blaming ("that ole classic") "White Males Keep On Oppressing Me" and you publicly come out saying,

"No you stupid slut, it's not white males.  It's because you can't keep it in your pants or go on birth control.  And it is you who is the racist and sexist blaming white males for your incomprehensibly stupid decisions."

If you did that, nearly every brainwashed, sheeple facet of society (and conscious leftist agent in the government, media, and academia) would post what you said on the internet, misquote you, and misconstrue your words to the best of their ability to paint you as a bigot, racist, blah blah blah.  And whatever career you may have once had is now gone because you are forever "googleable" henceforth.

And THAT is the real reason your hands are tied.

I can be flippant about this because in an ironic sense that is how I make my living.  If I could summarize my business model, I sell the truth which has been so villainized by the left that it is effectively an outlawed drug.  This not only makes truth a rare commodity, but I can charge a premium for it.  The only price is I have to endure is that I will never have a "normal" life again (you know the one with a cubicle career, commute, taxes, a mortgage, children I can't afford, and divorce).

Most republicans, conservatives, and non-conspriacy-theorist-liberatarians cannot afford this as they have kids, a mortgage, a career, etc., that would be ruined by arguing past the narrative and pointing out the emperor has no clothes.  But until that time comes, until the vast majority of conservatives and libertarians get the balls and courage to basically just say, "no, you're a parasite who wants other people's money and you're hiding like a coward behind children/your skin color/gender/etc to get it" we will all just be spinning our wheels responding to their red-herring arguments:

"No no, I'm for the children!  I just think we can spend the money better!"
"No no!  I'm not a racist!  See I have this sort of 1/8th black friend!"
"No no!  I don't hate women!  I just think more of them should major in STEM!"

In the meantime, those fortunate enough not to need "the system" will simply boil down leftists and make the only argument that matters:

"You're a bunch of cowards and parasites, and all you want is for me to be your slave to support you."

And no progress is going to be made until we all do the same.