Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Book Babe

It is once again that time where we have to leave economic charts and graphs and instead look at pretty girls posing with my books.

I know, I know.  I don't like it any more than you do, but we're going to "have to" look at this Chicagoan beauty.  I promise, we'll get back to the charts and graphs shortly, but in the meantime this HAS TO get done.

Also, for any of you ladies out there that want to become a Book Babe it's very simple.  Contact me and I'll send you free books.  Your pictures help brighten the days a thousands of men across the world who appreciate old school, traditional beauty.

Latest Podcast is Up

Most recent episode.  You will enjoy.  You will listen.  Enjoyment is mandatory.  Happiness is not optional.

You can also tune into The Clarey Podcast on iTunes.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Captain Is Once Again Victorious

Good news everyone!  I entered the dance competition at Mississippi Mayhem with my dance partner and took first place.

Of course, we were the only people who signed up...
And they had to pull teeth to get two elderly couples to compete as well...
And the trophy was a hodgepodge of welded 1940's auto parts with a shoe...

But hey!  Still placed first!

Anyway, some additional pictures.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Mississippi Mayhem

Heading to La Crosse Wisconsin for "Mississippi Mayhem.". Posts will be sparse over the weekend, though i might get a podcast in.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Constitutionals

If you want to play a joke on some friends of mine (The Black Brigade) "like" this page.  It's an inside joke and if you listen to their podcast you'll laugh your ass off.  Otherwise, if you just want to participate in a little prank "like" the page, but DON'T tell them I sent you.

Negative interest rates is like a hot chick coming up to you and asking you to go home and sleep with her.  It isn't natural and you know there's something wrong.

Diversity!  Imported from a third world country near you!

Oh come on Ed!!! Play some video games!!!!

Grandma hasn't paid off her student loans yet for her Masters in Social Work.

If I Were to Do It Again, I'd Become a Leftist Politician

aka "It Doesn't Pay to be Moral"
aka "Be Immoral, But Not Illegal"

Asset Prices Outstripping Economic Growth

Two of my favorite charts (and I'm sure they're yours) is the S&P 500 PE ratio and dividend yield.  It is the basic comparison of what you're paying for a stock relative to what it pays you.

But every once in a while I like to go really macro and compare the country's economic growth to its asset prices.  In theory (bar international investments and trade) asset prices should not be increasing faster than economic growth in that all profits must come from economic growth.  Therefore, both asset prices and economic growth should grow at the same rate, otherwise we know there's either a bubble or a (well...it's been so long...what was it again we call stock markets that are cheap....um....oh!  That's right!) steal. 

So I took it upon my beleaguered economist ass to go and pull the data comparing the annual returns of the S&P 500 and subtracting out from it nominal economic growth which should in theory always be 0.

Heh, yeah right.

Naturally there's going to be oscillations and bubbles and troughs in any economy.  But given what we know about the PE ratio now being 70% higher than it should be, I just wanted another data set to view this from a different angle.  And this one didn't disappoint.

We see, during the economic crash, stock prices crashing even more sending the net difference between asset prices and economic growth into negative territory.  This meant asset prices were growing slower (crashing faster, actually) than economic growth was.  However, this only lasted one year (2008) and in 2009 where the economy contracted on a yearly basis by 2.9% the stock market punished this performance by awarding this slowing economy with a 25% increase in valuation.

This is like your kid coming home with straight F's and you increase their allowance by a a full fourth.

Since then the disconnect between economic growth and asset prices has continued as asset prices have averaged annual gains of 15% while the economy has managed just under 3%.

I'm going to say it again for the cheap seats and hope to god some future historian looks this up and sees it, but this is just another bit of proof that Americans are more interested in baloney asset bubbles than they are actual economic growth.  It is the modern day epitome of American psychology where we want all of the rewards, but without having to expend any of the work.

Does it matter that stock prices are being driven by retirement dollars and not profits?
Does it matter that equities are being driven by QE and low interest rate monetary policies which prompt corporate buy backs?
Does it matter economic potential in this country is so low corporations would rather buy back shares than invest and create jobs?

No, because prices are up and that's our super happy fun juice!

I know the federal reserve is powerful and that the world economy is already structured around a US dollar reserve currency.  But neither are more powerful than the forces of math and reality.  I just hope to see that reality manifested before I die.  In the meantime, Enjoy that Decline!

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Stardusk - New Podcast Addition

Just discovered Stardusk thanks to a friend.  I was particularly impressed with his piece about men as they age lose energy, not in terms of testosterone, but the decreasing desire to work hard to provide for or attain social status.  The man has a much better voice than I do and is more well-thought out than my typical random rantiness.

New Blogroll Addition - MGTOW.com

Looks like they got a new and rather serious site up.  The layout is one of the better I've seen...matter of fact it's better than mine.  But that is because I'm a lazy ass.

Anyway, their archive section is pretty funny.

Check them out when you have the time.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Best Rant Against Sports Addicts Evah

You all know my personal disgust not with professional sports, but rather the people who base their vicarious and meaningless lives on them.  I've had a good rant or two in my life about it, but nothing like this most recent podcast from Bill Burr.  Starts at the 14 minute mark and lasts a good 20 minutes.

Waaaaa!!! Why Can't I Find a Maaaaan?????

There’s no door-holding, no hand-holding and definitely no free drinks. There’s no taking off hats or courting through invitations. There are no smooth moves, no jackets to dinner. There are no flowers, no tables by candlelight. But, most importantly, there are no dates.

Ummm...that's because there's no women left.  But by all means, misdiagnose the problem.

In the meantime gentlemen, carry on.  Carry on gentlemen.

How Do You Make a Miley Ray Cyrus Song Sound Good?

Simple, you don't have her sing or be around:

The sound is unreal.

Let's Affect a Poll

MSNBC's poll about gun rights goes horribly wrong!

The Tables Have Turned

Your dose of Wednesday humor:

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Monday, September 08, 2014

The True Risk of Rape Culture

As I've said before, it pays to step back, clear your vision, and look at something with fresh eyes  And one such instance that required me to do this happened recently.  Namely, how my view of rape has changed.

I personally have not gotten all that much into the "rape culture" thing because there's enough people covering it and it's also too "dramaticy" for me.  The feminists lie about the "epidemic" of rape on campus, saner heads point out to the obvious risks men face with false rape claims, add to that I'm viscerally repulsed by rape so I have a natural predisposition to avoid the topic.  However, with the "Yes Means Yes" legislation being pushed through California's legislature, I was more or less compelled to address it or at least look into it because of the obvious increase in false rape claims and its potentially disastrous consequences for men. 

I made a link, mentioned it on a podcast I believe, addressed the obvious slippery slope such legislation presented, etc., etc,.  But it wasn't until I read this article did I realize how my view of rape had changed.  And not for the better.

My reaction to the article was what you'd expect of my typically dour and cynical nature:

"Oh yeah, right, you were 'raped'."
"Oh wow, what are the chances she's doing that just for her thesis."
"Uh huh, more attention whoring."
"Worthless degree."
"Oh!  There it is!  The 1 in 4 lie!"

But that's just it.  Think about it.

20 years ago had I heard about a girl being raped I would have been appalled and angry.  I would have been concerned if she was alright.  I'd be demanding the guy be tracked down and castrated.  Heck, I'd probably go and hunt him down myself.

But today my natural, default reaction is...

disbelief and distrust.

And this is the VERY important point I'm trying to make.  Because feminists in their desire to create a false "rape epidemic," to make every man on campus a potential threat and every woman a victim, to get to the point they are intervening in innocent private sexual lives to this extent has so alienated most men (and saner women) that they are suffering from "false rape claim burnout."  So much so people no longer focus on rape, but whether they're LYING about being raped.

The consequences are typical of feminism and leftism - they harm the people they claim they're trying to help, specifically in this case, GENUINE rape victims.  The TRUE victims of rape can no longer rely on immediate support from the community and sane minds.  Thanks to leftists, feminists and their gender politics, real victims of rape are immediately greeted with cynicism and disbelief.  In some circles the trust has been so eroded people just assume every rape claim is false. 

Sadly, this is where many of us need to step back, rub our eyes and look at things clearly.  Just because feminists and their "rape culture" have tainted the reputation of self-proclaimed victims of rape, you need to remember that rape does happen, it is a horrifying experience, and there are genuine victims that do need help and support.  The trick is to reserve judgement until the facts are in.

In the meantime men, get that "after sex text" and avoid university campuses that are insane enough to instill a "Yes means yes" policy.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

How American Women Could Pay Off the National Debt in 5 Years

I am happy to announce I have found a simple, easy and painless solution to our national debt problem.  Easily the largest economic problem we face is officially over.  Everybody can relax, the US and by extension the world economy will be saved and, frankly, we can look forward to very bright economic futures across the globe.  And it will be women who lead the way into this glorious future no less!

I happened upon this solution walking through the mall and realized that nearly all of the stores are for women.  I fused this observation with the fact women spend the majority of their money on things that are


just not needed.

So instead of blowing their money on Jimmy Choo shoes, hand bags, flirtinis and the cornucopia of other worthless trinkets they like to stockpile in their unnecessarily large apartments, we force them instead to cut checks to Uncle Sam that would immediately go to debt reduction.

Looking at consumer spending data from the BEA I estimate that women waste around $3.2 trillion annually (estimates will of course vary).  Dividing the current $17 trillion in debt by this means we could have the national debt paid off in a mere five years.  But better yet, it's without any genuine suffering or real decrease in standards of living.

Naturally there will be some resistance to this brilliant economic plan.  However, since women disproportionately vote for democrats and to "help others," I'm sure they'll find it within their charitable nature to "do the right thing" and help save America's future for the children. 

What's funny is this REALLY would work.  And it really would be painless.  Sadly, that frivolous spending is just too addicting and women place more value on competing against other women than the country's finances.

Oh well, Enjoy the decline!